How to Ensure that Your Business Survives as well as Thrives


Ensuring that your business enterprise is able to retain its competitive edge in this cutthroat commercial world is a challenge in itself. At the same time, making sure that your undertaking thrives by staying ahead of the competition requires you to take unprecedented risks and stay updated as well.  You should make the most out of the offline and online marketing techniques so that your day-to-day business activities are executed smoothly. If you are considering something innovative that can help you gain better income then you can try out the MLM compensation plans.

Capitalize on online marketing and promotional tools including but not limited to automated social networking sites, emails, webinars, voice calls, videoconferencing, and blogs. Don’t ignore the significance of offline canvassing tools like flyers, brochures, catalogues, and mailers etc. when it comes to publicizing your product or service on a mass scale. Review the performance of your business almost every week and also see to it whether the funds allocated for marketing activities have been utilized prudently.

No matter whatever the nature of your venture, there’s no getting away from the fact that customers are the lifeblood and lifeline of any enterprise, big or small. So, it goes without saying that you should treat your customers as if they’re the be-all and end-all of your business. Always strive to offer the superlative to the customer both in terms of product and after sales services.

Alternatively, pay heed to their feedbacks and suggestions with regards to making improvements in the quality of the products you’re dealing in and the post sales services as well. Additionally, go all out to network not only with your competitors but also with businessmen from other industrial and commercial sectors. Enlist as a member of the Chamber(s) of Commerce in your locality as well as subscribe to memberships of various professional and business associations.

Give a serious thought to making contributions in cash or kind to charitable, humanitarian and social organizations. Large corporations by fulfilling their CSR expectations are able to engage amiably with their existing customers. You’ll be able to find new consumers or customers for your product or service if you contribute towards helping the marginalized sections of the society in your own way.

November 24, 2015

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Business Marketing

In today’s quick article, I’d like to touch on how you should be looking to market your business. Clearly there are right and wrong ways to approach this, and most of the time the wrong way can severely harm your business.

The largest mistake business owners make is not tracking the spending of their businesses on marketing. Let’s remember that it is all too easy to blow unnecessary dollars on flyers and other things that don’t work. You should be starting with small campaigns and slowly scaling them up if they work (or provide a positive ROI) on your business. That should be the only way to build a sustainable business.

The next biggest mistake is to ignore the internet. There are plenty of business owners, despite their fantastic intentions ignore the internet completely. Sometimes this is because of they don’t fully understand it as well – how the older generation are generally less tech savvy. However there is no excuse to deprive your business of this potentially lucrative new medium! You should be educating yourself all the time on the new concepts that evolve all the time, otherwise you’re just leaving money on the table here.

I hope you enjoyed my semi rant on the best way to build a sustainable business, but hopefully I got the key points across!

November 18, 2015

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Advice from entrepreneurs

Today I want to share some of the top tips that successful entrepreneurs use to succeed in business!

Firstly, on customer service: we need to be treating customers like they are guests in your own home. While there are always going to be customers who are going to be rude and disparaging towards you, you should always remain calm and treat them as best of possible. Customer service is the lifeline of any successful business who are looking to thrive. Check out Richard Branson – he’s the number one example of customer service done right.

Next, on mentorship and advice: look to join your local business owners in the local community. You should also look to belong to a couple of different professional associations. Joining your local Chamber of Commerce or whatever business association is a handy tip – you’ll get access to other business owners and who knows, might even land you a new client or 2 in the process.


On the subject of the internet, you need to be looking at e-Commerce as a way to engage with your buyers. This is a huge opportunity for retailers because it just gives you a large access to all these different people who are looking to buy something from you.

The last tip we have for you today is to embrace charity. There are many customers who are looking to support the latest causes, and combining your business with a personal charity that you already believe in is a fantastic way to gain consumers and put yourself ahead of the competition. We believe that this works for businesses that are selling generic product.

November 18, 2015

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Welcome to our brand new blog site! We have a wide array of business advice for you we’d like you to follow. We have been doing this for a while now and we hope you see some value in what we’ll be telling you today. Let’s start!

First of all, let’s quickly recap on some of the principals on why you are going into business to begin with. People do what they do for a large variety of reasons – whether it is for financial gain, passion or something to do to pass your time. What your own personal reasons might be will differ from what you actually go out there and end up doing. Hopefully I’m making some sense here.

First – for the guy that’s looking for huge financial gain, I’ve got news for you: most of the time, you’re going to fail flat on your face. However if you’re still thinking of pursuing this sort of lineage, there are a couple of business models that might be suitable for you. You need to be looking at high growth, high risk business models. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and experiment with new stuff that other people might not necessarily have thought of yet. The biggest examples of this? Uber, Facebook and Tinder. Their founders are all multi-millionaires today, and for pretty damn good reason. These business models are one of a kind, and it is unlikely to be repeated by anybody else moving forward.

Next, for someone who is interested in pursuing your passion, you need to realise that a lot of the time, you won’t make a lot of money. Photography might be your biggest passion in the world, but that does not mean you can make a living as a photographer. This needs to be said – most of the people who are changing the world today are not necessarily financially well off. You need to look at situations on a case by case basis in order to make the proper judgements on whether or not something is a good idea.

Lastly, for the ones who believe that are looking for a business to work on primarily because they want time to pass, I have news for you too. Look at stable business models that do not require much excitement. These businesses might not be insanely profitable (think cafes, fish and chip shops etc.) but you need to fully grasp the idea that at the end of the day you’re not in it for the money.


Although it might seem like a paradox, the ones who succeed the most in business are the ones who can combine all 3 factors together into one. The most successful entrepreneurs combine passion, high risk businesses and cannot see themselves doing anything else to pass their time.

November 18, 2015

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